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Putting statin drugs in the water supply is murder

Statins are taken by tens of millions of people ill-informed people worldwide, a boon for drug companies like Merck, whose chief executive Henry Gadsden back in 1975 dreamed of being able to sell a drug to people who had no immediately identifiable illness, or as Mike Adams writes, “They needed a way to sell drugs to healthy people.” Statins were born by convincing people that the most important hormone in their body Cholesterol must be lowered and the financial windfall for Big Pharma, quickly followed. People who have the highest Pristine Cholesterol, live the longest. When your body is given the right nutrients so it does not have to make the short chain trans-fat HDL/LDL combination, it does not matter what your level of Pristine Cholesterol is. Drug companies claim that statins have been proven to lower Cholesterol and help prevent heart disease and strokes, leading many ill-informed health experts to insist that they be artificially added to public water supplies, but dangerous side-effects buried by drug companies, but well known by the wellness industry, which are screamed to the public in a "whisper", due to a small budget for advertising in our industry, compared to the trillions of dollars spent by the drug companies peddling erroneous information to sell drugs. Since they own the media airways because of all the money they spend with them; the truth will not be publicized. A new study published in the Cochrane Library, which reviews drug trials, examined data from 14 drugs trials involving 34,000 patients and found evidence of “short-term memory loss, depression and mood swings,” that had been deliberately underplayed by the drug companies funding the research. However, despite the fact that statins have also been linked to a greater risk of liver dysfunction, acute kidney failure, cataracts and muscle damage, now health authorities have been pushing for the drug to be added to public water supplies, as part of a mass medication program that is not only illegal without consent, but also threatens a plethora of known and unknown consequences. Cholesterol is the most important hormone in the body, look at the hormone pathway in this link provided and notice what starts everything off; all other hormones begin with Cholesterol. Men talk about losing their ability to main sexually when they come to me for Natural hormone therapy as well as women who suffer from endless hormonal disruption issues, as a result of the drug curbing the body's production of this important hormone, cholesterol, the first question is: Do you take statin drugs. When your diet is poor and you are not taking in the correct amount of Long chain fatty acids (even if you do not take statin drugs) then the body will go into survival mode and make something to take its place, (HDL/LDL combination, which is a short chain trans-fat, so your cells may continue to multiply and survive, even if what is made is a weakened cell membrane; which will be due to a short chain TRANs fatty acids made by the body, in the place of the missing long chain fatty acids, which makes for a sloppy fit. CLICK HERE TO SEE Drawing.

Stop for a moment and realize that you have trillions of cells in your body. Each cell membrane is made up of, Omega-3's Omega-6's and Omega-9's, pristine Cholesterol and Arachidonic Acid. The ratio of Omega-3's to Omega-6's is roughly, 10-Omega-3's to One Omega-6. Now realize that the shelf life of an Omega-3 is very short and therefore the food processors in the world took them out, to make their processed food last longer on the shelf. From that moment forward there has been a rise in neurological diseases such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s.

Now let us examine what that short chain trans fat really is that the body is making to keep you alive (even though poorly) in the place of the missing long chain fatty acid and that is HDL/LDL combination, when the body is forced to send pristine cholesterol to the liver to survive. HDL/LDL that is made is no longer pristine cholesterol, it is BAD and Worse Cholesterol (not Good & Bad as you are told by the drug companies), who insist you need to lower Pristine cholesterol; Pirstine Cholesterol processed in the liver is now a short chain trans fat; a hormone disrupter and a contributor to calcified plaque buildup in the arteries, as well as to make our cell membranes weak and easily penetrated with unknown pathogens and heavy metals. It is scientifically proven sabotage to take statins to lower the most important hormone in the body; it is health suicide, and if statins are illegally or, legally dumped in our water supply, it is nothing short of genocide. We must have Cholesterol to survive. When the drug companies first learned how to measure cholesterol and determined that they could design a drug to lower it and in doing so, they would be damaging the liver; they knew this was a drug they could sell to people who had no disease and would make them a windfall profit; and may even bring them more clients, when they develop the diseases associated with it. After all, drug companies need sick people, they don't need well people. Drug companies started out (after learning how to measure cholesterol) saying that you must take the statin drugs if your combined HDL/LDL was at 250, and the drug sales soared. They decided to tell the FDA (their employee) to lower that number to 200, and the drug sales soared even more. Then they went back to these rented bureaucrats at the FDA and told them to lower it yet again to 150 and the sales went through the roof and finally they dropped that number to 100 and there is nothing on the planet that makes more money that statin drugs.

As if all of that was not reason enough as to not take statin drugs, let me explain Co-Q-10. Statins work by suppressing an enzyme in your liver that makes both cholesterol and CoQ10; statins can cause a CoQ10 deficiency. Under the best of conditions it's very difficult for your body to absorb CoQ10 taken in pill form. Even if it's packed in liquid gel caps with vitamin E or fat to make it easier to absorb; pill forms are negligible at best. Only as little as 4% may actually reach your bloodstream, even if you are not taking statins. My Rejuvenis Co-Q-10 chew melt allows direct entry into the blood stream through the oral mucosal, bi-passing the negative effects from the stomach acid; where it can then easily convert to the bio-available form of CoQ10 called ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is also one of the most powerful fat-soluble antioxidants known to science. It has a special advantage that protects your body from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. However suppressing the enzymes in the liver with statin drugs will substantially decrease the benefits. This Co-Q-10 deficiency can lead to many heart, muscle and brain problems. Restoring your CoQ10 to healthy levels and eliminating Statins can give you back the youthful energy you had years ago; but you must make the decision to remove yourself from the statins. When your immune system goes into battle against illnesses, your immune cells need huge amounts of energy that is created by Co-Q-10, for this and many other reasons, when you take statin drugs you are making your body unhealthy and more susceptible to disease.

People who live to be 100 years up to 120 years have extremely high levels of this most important hormone, Cholesterol. When your lifestyle and diet are correct, your body does not make the short chain Trans fatty acid HDL/LDL. To lower cholesterol is suicide plain and simple. To put it into the water supply is murder; flat out. Read all about my direction CLICK here:

Read an excerpt of my book "Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Collapse of Drugs" due to wellness

I am David Tippie and I am very excited about my new book release titled Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness. I am accepting engagements to speak about my book.

If you could obtain the ability to feel good all the time naturally, without manmade artificial chemicals, wouldn’t you like to learn?

Part of learning how to obtain good health is learning what restraints are placed on your improved health by the orthodox medical monopoly.

David's health statement is: What you put in your body and on your body today, determines your future health!

It takes two to speak the truth--one to speak, another to hear. There is nothing that will turn a reader off faster than constant anger or to be constantly on the attack.

One should always speak the truth and simply allow the reader to decide for himself or herself and not speak at length. I will admit to you that this has taken me many hours of reading and re-reading my material to discover ways to shorten the message.

The immediate problem that I face when writing a book is I am not on video, so when I make a statement that is meant to be humorous or meant to be slightly sarcastic, a person watching you on video can easily detect that, but with a book, your ability to translate that to your reader becomes a big challenge. For instance I love metaphors that Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly of Fox news use often times, so I can draw attention and bring a vision to what I am writing.

While I am writing about what may be the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry’s synthetic secrets or mistakes, and the doctors who participate, I don’t want the bad behavior that I put on the table for review, to create disrespect for me because I wanted to furnish the facts to you. For instance I believe that rules have been placed on the shoulders of doctors and they are forced to abide by these pharmaceutical sickness industry rules and often, through much chagrin on the doctor's part.

Hippocrates teachings were to pass down your methods and potions of treating and curing the sick to the next generation of doctors, so they too could provide for their patients.

The critical care portion of medical care in the United States is the best that there is in the whole world. When this most wonderful profession strayed from Hippocrates teachings, was when they allowed a third party to make their potions for them to care for the sick and that third party was Big Pharma.

It was Big Pharma’s potions that would produce the huge profits, corruption and monopoly that exists today. These potions would replace disease treatment with symptom treatment. A monthly prescription of a potion could be required for the balance of a person’s life who met the rules established for that potion, by Big Pharma. This is what I perceive to be the beginning of what I term, the healthcare monopoly and disaster in our country.

I am referring to these Big Pharma monopolized potions, apart from the world renowned critical care we enjoy. It is those potions that the medical pharmaceutical sickness industries are in such deep trouble over. A great many of these "potions" (potions of course, meaning drugs) have proven to be a severe risk to health, even deadly to the American public.

The darker side of this issue involves drug profits at the expense of human health to the astounding dismay of the professionals who are forced to abide by the dispensing rules made by those companies that I often refer to as, the Big’s in our country.

The perpetrators of bad deeds seem to be the pharmaceutical companies acting in tandem with the FDA. But it would be unfair to leave out the other perpetuators of the drug company darkness, the drug salesmen/women of the drugs “doctors”; again who because of early on allowing a third party to make their potions, must now follow the rules from those whom they allowed this power.

The evolution of medicine had nothing to do with the science of disease cure and had everything to do with politics and money. Reality is not going to be sugar coated, you get to chew it any way you want to.

Wellness is not an entitlement it is achieved daily through effort and lifestyle change. Chronological aging is natural however biological aging is a result of poor choices made every day. The body is designed to heal itself and only you can keep it from accomplishing this. Your body will reject synthetics and drugs as well as processed foods are synthetics. You cannot achieve wellness without the correct supplementation due to our food supply. You are not a statue you cannot remain sedentary; you must move to improve health and increase longevity. Drinking the correct water is just as important as drinking the correct amount of water. High alkaline water will help to reduce acidity and every known disease starts in an acidic environment. I shine the light in dark areas of the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry and let you decide.


Such as cardiovascular health in Chapter-1, Drugs began to monopolize in Chapert-2, Mother Nature can't be patented in Chapter-3, Dangers of Soy estrogen in Chapter-4, No such thing as synthetic vitamins in Chapter-5, Why healthcare costs are escalating in Chapter-6, Bill O'Reilly's red yeast problem and I ask Glen Beck to help me with our health choice constitutional issue being denied in Chapter-7, Natural bioidentical hormones verses synthetic in Chapter-8, Why the Boniva's and other bisphosphonates destroy bone in Chapter-9, Where Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney's heart attacks came from in Chapter-10, Why mammograms are dangerous and why Thermography should be the testing methods in Chapter-11, Why allopathic cancer treatment is doomed to fail and what the treatment should be in Chapter 12, Bribery and the healthcare monopoly in Chapter 13, Why do people fear cancer and why they should not in Chapter-14 and finally in Chapter-15 is a little about me. You can get the book here:

A 3-minute video about Wellness Rocks Where Sickness Stops

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